About NForza

Since 1996 our experts have trained many software developers and organizations and assisted them in the development of maintainable and high quality software.

Within our organization, we are always guided by our vision and core values:

Simple and clear

We work hard to keep things simple and clear. Successful software development is hard enough as it is. That's also our strength: making complex things simple, so it's understandable for everyone involved.


We provide maximum quality within budget. We do this with extremely experienced and knowledgeable people.

We create successful software projects by keeping things simple and clear


A long-term partnership in which it's enjoyable to work - that's what we stand for.


We are happy to further assist you in improving your software development.

Our team

Please let us introduce ourselves to you.

Ronald Harmsen

As managing partner with many years of experience in software development, I like to operate on the dividing line between business and technology. My focus is on solving problems and improving the quality of both the team and the software. I strongly believe that to progress you have to keep challenging and improving yourself. That's why I 'm always exploring and learning new techniques and methods. I enjoy the opportunity to share this knowledge during courses and speaking at international, conferences. To relax I like to cook or go on sailing trips with my son. I'm also trying to master martial arts!

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Thomas Huijer

My role is Scrum Master / Team Lead, with a strong technical background as an architect and developer. This allows me to make an excellent bridge between technology, client and end-customer. My focus always lies on delivering quality by means of open and transparent communications with all stakeholders. My motto: Don't cling to rules, but to the objectives behind these rules. I am a team builder; I go for synergy, pleasure in my work and developing quality products. In my spare time I enjoy sports such as running, obstacle runs and squash.

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Erik van Appeldoorn

As an experienced software developer and trainer, I have a passion for sharing knowledge with other developers. Next to consulting assignments I also like to work as a Microsoft Certified Trainer on various courses in the field of software development at home and abroad. Also, you can meet me on a regular basis speaking at community events and congresses. At NForza I organize our monthly evening sessions where we share knowledge. In my spare time I like to kart and enjoy fun activities with my family.

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Erik Kant

As an experienced software developement I like working on software quality. Regardless if you're building a full testing framework, building a maintainable architecture or write clean code, the quality is what counts. In my spare time I like playing the piano, I play soccer, and like walking the dog in nature.

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Robert van Hoornaar

As an experienced software developer I like to work on clean architectures and structures. All roads lead to Rome, but they're all different. I like to help customers find the best way. My special interest lies in the field of databases, communication techniques between software components, and mobile solutions. In my spare time I like to go out with my children to do meaningful (and sometimes meaningless) things. I also find variety and tranquility in coaching youth soccer teams.

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Hendrika Wetters

In my work as Office Manager I find it important that our customers experience a pleasant and professional approach. To make this possible, I support my colleagues by taking care of all practicalities regarding the daily running of our office. In addition, I manage the calendars and act as the primary contact for all administration regarding our business. Away from work, I am married and mother of three children. With all the hectic schedules, organizing is just as important at home as it is in the office.

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