Has your software project become too complex? Is it getting difficult to see the wood for the trees? We work hard to keep things simple and clear. Successful software development is hard enough as it is!

Based on your needs, we form a Software Action Team (SWAT). This team is composed of one or more highly skilled software experts who each bring their unique expertise to help you get on track as soon as possible.

The purpose of our Software Action Team depends on your needs. Examples are:

  • We can help you to gain clarity by means of an inspection or audit. With an objective measurement method we'll assess the quality of your software. As a result, you will know exactly where your software stands and how you can improve it.
  • We can review your software and determine a technical direction to advance your product.
  • We can step in to help progress an existing project.
  • We can bring your software development team up-to-speed with new technologies and techniques via training and on-the-job coaching.

Our experts are practitioning developers, architects, and team-leads in challenging projects, using the latest techniques and development methods. We are ideally and uniquely positioned to give you the help you need.

Our Software Action Team hits the nail on the head quickly and will offer a specific solution for each software problem

Our advice is never complicated, long-winded or pompous, but above all practical, clear and to the point. That's also our strength: keeping complex things simple, so it's understandable for everyone involved. We keep it Simple!